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Week commencing 9th  November  2020.

Over the next 2-3 weeks we will be using The Tear Thief by Carol Ann Duffy to inspire our writing. This is the second week of writing using this text.

This week will begin with using your understanding of fronted adverbials to write a paragraph, followed by looking at speech punctuation. The activities for this week are outlined below and these will support the work for the following week.



  1. Paragraph including fronted adverbials

Use the Oak Academy lesson to refresh your understanding of adverbials.


Write your own paragraph – underline the fronted adverbials grammar

  • Adverbial sheets


  1. Prepositions

An easy way to describe a preposition  is to think of it in this way anything an aeroplane can do to a cloud. Use this to help you to generate a list of prepositions.


  1. Describe a paragraph about forest school, with as many prepositions as possible.
  2. Record in sentences, underline the prepositions.
  • preposition list
  1. Paragraph using prepositions

Identify prepositional phrases and clauses from the book.


  1. Write your own paragraph describing how The Tear Thief moves around – underline grammar



  • Preposition clauses and phrases from book
  1. Speech and speech punctuation

Find examples in the text. Write up rules for speech punctuation including commas.

  1. Add punctuation to sentences. Use the Oak Academy lesson to support. Please ignore the subject matter.



  1. Using speech

Find examples in the text. Add any new rules to the existing rules you have made about speech.

  1. Write your own paragraph using examples of conversation from the text.

Check that you have punctuated correctly.



Speech lesson from the OakAcademy

Science Task:

After we have spent time looking at materials and their different properties, we are going to focus on what makes a good conductor of heat or electricity.


Look at home to see if there are any objects that are designed to conduct heat or electricity. list them down and try to see if they have any things in common that make them a good conductor.