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For the next two weeks, all of our learning will be based around the story of The Magic Brush.


Activity One

Read and learn the story of The Magic Brush. Can you think of actions to help you remember it? Perhaps you could perform it to your family.


Activity Two

Co-ordinating Conjunctions. Watch the video clip and do the quiz. Are you able to identify the co-ordinating conjunctions? 

Using the FANBOYS, can you write sentences for each co-ordinating conjunction?


Activity Three

Have a look at the power point and choose the correct co-ordinating conjunction to go in the sentence.




We are completing our work on multiplication and division this week.


Activity One:

Dividing a two digit number with a one-digit number both with and without a remainder. We will discuss how we can predict whether a number will have a remainder using our times tables to help us.

We will also practise using the bus stop method when there is remainder. 


Activity Two

We will solve some problems using multiplication and division.


Activity Three.

We will use multiplication to help us solve problems called 'How many ways?'


Activity Four

We will solve problems where you use the method of scaling. Please see the resources below.




This week we are thinking about being a 'Force for Good'. In Year 3 we have chosen to support a local charity called 'Secret World'. Please go to their website to find out more:


Home Page - Secret World Wildlife Rescue


What do they do? What are the three 'Rs'

What are they raising money for at the moment?

How many animals do they rescue each year?


As a follow up you could...

a. Design a 'Secret World' poster - illustrating it with British wildlife.

b. Find out how we can help British wildlife to thrive. - You could make up you own 'Wildlife Code'

c. Choose one animal that interests you and research it to make a fact file or presentation about it.