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LO: I can identify nouns

Activity: A noun is a person, a place or a thing.  Can you identify which ones are nouns in the questions on the sheet? (In the resources section below) Underline the correct answers.

Then underline the nouns in the sentences.

And lastly make a list of all the nouns in the room where you are?



LO: I can add s and es to make nouns plural.

Activity: Let’s recap on what a plural is by watching the following bitesize clip;

Can you do the quiz on this page? And I wonder how many of the activities you can finish?


LO: I can identify a verb.

Activity: Go to the BBC bitesize page and see if you can watch the video of the pirate song and write down the verbs you identify.

Then challenge yourself to see if you can say a sentence with them in and even write this sentence out.


LO: I can identify a verb.

Activity: Have a look at the picture below and see if you can identify the verbs, then label them.


LO: I can form letters correctly.

Activity: Handwriting Practise -look at the cursive sheet on our year 1 page and see if you can write your name in cursive then write the number names for five, six, seven, eight, nine and ten in cursive.


Activity 1

This week we will be recapping our number bonds to 20 and our addition within 20. Today use the robot worksheet (Resources Section) to find the missing numbers to 20.


Activity 2

Today complete the star worksheet (Resources Section). How quickly can you complete it? 


Activity 3

Solve the problem solving and reasoning questions (Resources Section). Discuss your answers with an adult.


Activity 4

Go to Top Marks Hit The Button and practise your addition within 20 and your number bonds to 10 and 20. Can you challenge yourself to get a higher score than last time?



Last week we looked at transport from the past and drew pictures. This week can you find modern modes of transport that people use now? Draw pictures of a few and label them.



This week we will be looking at the artist Matisse. Watch the clips that can be found in the Resources section. Using torn/cut up pieces of coloured paper, create a snail in the style of Matisse. Remember to move the pieces of paper around before gluing it into position.



Use YouTube and try some PE Workouts with Joe Wicks.


We are continuing our learning about the classification of animals this week and focusing on reptiles.

Reptiles- what are their distinctive features? Think about this question whilst you watch the following clip.

What are reptiles clip?


Then listen to this clip;


Can you draw an information poster to explain the distinctive features of a reptile? Perhaps draw some different varieties of reptile and write facts that you learnt about them around the pictures.



One day Lulu came home from school feeling a little sad. Her Mum could see this and asked her if she was alright. Lulu told her Mum what had happened to make her feel sad. Lulu explained to her Mum that at lunchtime she had no one to play with. Her friend Izzy had not been at school that day and so she found it hard to find someone else to play with. Lulu’s Mum asked her if she had talked to the grown ups at school. Lulu said she hadn’t. Mum asked Lulu if it would help if she talked to her teacher about it tomorrow . Lulu felt relieved about this and said she would like that very much.

The next morning Lulu was not anxious about this anymore. She knew that Mum would help. Lulu had faith in her Mum.

STORY: This is a story about faith. The centurion has faith - confidence - that Jesus can heal his servant. The story of Jesus healing the centurion's servant. Luke 7:1-10

Here is a short video clip of the story

or you may like to watch this longer version


How do you think this story might help a Christian when they have a problem and are worried? Christians believe that Jesus could help the Centurions servant because they believe that he is God's son. They also believe that Jesus listens to their prayers and can help them today.

Follow this link and sing this song about trust Wonderful Lord, Wonderful God


The Snail Trail by Jo Saxton -a story inspired by Matisse. Follow this link to watch it being read;