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This week in English we are reading a range of books and will think about what links we can make between them. The connections we make can be based on the characters, setting, title, author, horrible character, whether they involve magic, rhyme, the ending, whether the characters get lost, have a wedding, end happily ever after etc. 


So that we can make comparisons, we are going to read each book in detail and make simple notes. We will then compare two sets of books. The first are: Lost and Found, Augustus and His Smile, How to Catch a Star and Beegu (Please see book comparison sheet 1). The second group of books are: Jack and the Baked Bean Stalk, The Wolf's Story, The Twits and The Smartest Giant in Town (please see book comparison sheet 2). 


Below are some videos of the books. These comparison will take all week, with a few days for gathering evidence and then then remaining to complete the sheets. There is also a completed example attached below. 



This wonderful story time read aloud for kids is out of this world! This story is about a boy who wants a star of his own. A wonderful book for KS1 children ...

Puffin Storytime | Beegu + Draw-along with Alexis Deacon

Tune in at 3:30 for Puffin Storytime with Alexis Deacon! He'll be reading from Beegu. A heart-filled tale of friendship and empathy for ages 5-7.Beegu is not...

Bedtime Stories | Vicky McClure | Augustus and His Smile | CBeebies

For more CBeebies Bedtime Stories visit - of Duty, or LoD, actress Vicky McClure reads a bedtime story about a tiger on the hunt ...

Lost and Found By Oliver Jeffers I Read Aloud

To buy the book: visit Oliver Jeffer's official website:https://www.oliverjeffers.comLost and Found is a story about friendship...

The Smartest Giant in Town - Julia Donaldson audiobook. Children's story book read-aloud

Julia Donaldson kids story book, audio book read aloud.With smart trousers, shirt, stripy tie and shiny shoes, George is the smartest Giant in Town. But on h...

Jack and the Baked Beanstalk (with a twist) - Story Time

Jack and his mum are close to broke, so when he spends their last pennies on a can of baked beans, his mum throws them out of the window ... starting a GIANT...

The Wolf's Story

Think you know the story of Little Red Riding Hood? Think again...

Squiggly Spaghetti...The Twits

Short scene from a BBC educational video containing opening scene of Roald Dahl''s The Twits.



For maths this week, our topic is money. First of all we would like you to practise making amounts of money by using real coins; there are some role play cards and a price list if you would like to use them. There are then several sheets to practise making amounts of money in different ways. 



Our focus in topic this week is Zambia. Using a map to help you, can you complete the missing information? (There is a document with extra information to help you complete the task.)