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Hello Year 3!


Below you will find the home learning for those children who are unable to be in school. The following websites will still be active for you to continue with any extra learning that you wish to do. 

Oxford Owl


Spelling Shed

My Maths

Weekly Spellings can be found in the Spelling Star.



This week we will be continuing to focus our learning on the story of Little Red Riding Hood. below is a list of activities to be completed.


Activity 1

Share the power point on inverted commas. Write the sentences out that are in the resources section adding inverted commas and a different speech verb.


Activity 2

today's focus will be on using conjunctions to make our sentences longer. Using the following conjunctions (or, and, because, so, if, when, but), write sentences based on the story of Little Red Riding Hood. For example.

The wolf was hungry so he decided to follow Little Red Riding Hood to Grandma's cottage. 

Little Red Riding Hood screamed when she saw the wolf.


Activity 3

Write a teaspoon prayer. Teaspoon can be shortened to TSP. For T to write what you would like to thank God for. S write what you are sorry for and P what you would like to ask God for. For example.


Thank you for creating the wonderful world we live in.

Sorry God for sometimes not always doing the right thing.

Please help us to take care of our environment.


Decorate a wooden spoon and attached the prayer with ribbon.


Decorate a wooden spoon and write a prayer.


Activity 4

Read the fact sheet on Kandinsky and answer the questions.




We currently revising the four operations of addition and subtraction, multiplication and division - using both mental and written methods.

Daily Maths Fluency:

  • Practise quick mental aritmetic of addition and subtraction bonds to 20.
  • Know pairs of numbers that total 100.
  • Know doubles to 50.
  • Learn quick recall of times tables x2, x5, x10, x3, x4, x8.
  • Know corresponding division facts, for example, if you know 6 times 3 = 18, then you know 18 diviide 3 = 6
  • Find remainers, for example 23 divide 3 = 7 r 2.
  • Try the Daily 10 on Top marks to improve the speed of mental maths recall.

There are some resources attached below and some activities set on MyMaths



Last week we thought about how quickly the Romans grew their empire and successfully invaded Britain. This week we are thinking about the Roman Army and why it was so successful in defeating the Celtic Tribes across Europe. Can you find out more about the Roamn Army. Then draw and label a uniformed Roman Centurion. 

Some resources are available below.



We are leariing about the Russian artist Kandinsky. Find out about his life and work. Try to make a picture in his style, using collage or paint.

Kandinsky Facts for Kids (

See below for more resources.



We have been learning about Judaism. This week we are thinking about specail places. The Jews have

a very sacred place in Jerusalem called 'The Wailing Wall'.

Why Jerusalem's Western Wall is so holy - BBC News

Do you have a special place where you enjoy 'being'? Maybe it is somewhere where you feel happy and calm or somewhere which holds lots of specail memories for you. Can you make a 'scapbook entry' about this special place? You could include for example, photos, drawings and captions.