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This week is Health Week at school so there are some different activities happening this week. We are thinking about how to live a healthy lifestyle and this is reflected in our lessons.









Follow this link and see if you can practise counting in 5's on the 100 square;




Follow the link to Oak National Academy where you will learn to compare lengths and heights of objects.

In this lesson, we will explore labelling objects using the measurement vocabulary (star words).


As a warm up today you could do some moving and learning about measuring along to this song and dance video form Supermovers:

Then follow the link to Oak National Academy below


To measure lengths using non-standard units (Part 1)

In this lesson, we will explore measuring a range of objects using non-standard units such as our hands.


This week we are going to be working on one story The Sheep and The Goat by Pie Corbett.


Ask your grown up to read story of The Sheep and the Goat to you. Once you've read the story talk about what happened in the story. Who were the different characters? Why did the sheep and goat set off on their journey? What were they looking for? Did the wolves manage to catch the friends? How did the animals know the wolves were there? Look at this part of the story;

Luckily, the cockerel crowed and woke everyone up. So, the sheep sharpened the cow’s horns, the goat grabbed their tails, the hare hammered their sides, and the cow butted their bottoms!

Talk to your grown up about what is happening here.


Now look at the start of the story map (in the resources section below) and draw it out. Then create your own pictures for this section of the story;

So, one day the sheep said, “Let us go and build a house in the deep, dark forest.” So, they walked and they walked and they walked until they met a hare. “Can I come with you?” said the hare. So, the sheep, the goat and the hare walked and they walked and they walked until they met a cow. “Can I come with you?” said the cow.


Today we are continuing to draw the next part of the story map. First look at the part in the resources section and then draw your own pictures for this part of the story;

So, the sheep, the goat, the hare and the cow walked and they walked and they walked until they met a cockerel. “Can I come with you?” said the cockerel.

So, the sheep, the goat, the hare, the cow and the cockerel walked and they walked and they walked until they came to the deep, dark forest. There they found just the right place to build their house.



On Tuesday we will put up the next part of the story map and continue drawing it until it is complete on Thursday.






Today we are going to think of some new characters for the story. We are going to innovate (create ) new ones so that next week we will write our own version of this story with characters that we have thought of.

Can you think of all the different animals you could replace the sheep, goat, cow and the cockerel. What about the wolves? What other animals would want to catch the sheep and it's friends? Can you think of different predators? Can you find out what that word means?

Once you have thought of four new animals and a new predator you can draw them on post its or small pieces of paper. You are going to put a picture of your new animal over the old one. So for example wherever a sheep is mentioned if you have chosen a pig then cover each word sheep in the story with the word and or picture of a pig. Do this with each animal in the story.

Now you are ready to start writing the story next week. 

Please do bring your story map to school to share with us. If you are away this week, it will help you write your story at school with us next week.

The Story of The Sheep and the Goat.

English Resources


We have been thinking about our senses in Science for the last few weeks. Here is a video about the taste buds on your tongue:

You only need to watch the first few minutes of it.


This week we are thinking about taste. With the help of your grown up can you find any fruits or vegetables that you can taste and then decide if you like the taste of them. Can you draw a picture of each one and write an adjective to describe what it tastes like.


We are continuing to learn about Brunel and this video will help you find out some of the things Brunel built and what happened in his life

Can you draw some of the things he did and can you put them in the order that he did them? This is a type of timeline.


Can you go outside or even inside your house (check with your grown up that it is alright to do so first!) and create an obstacle course. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Do ten jumping jacks.

Run while balancing a beanbag or cushion on your head.

Throw a beanbag or ball or crushed up ball of paper into a laundry basket.

Crawl under or over a row of chairs.

Crawl under a string stretched between two chair legs.