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This week we are looking at telling the time in 5 minute intervals. Below is a PowerPoint and some activities for you to complete. There is also a board game looking at o'clock, half past, quarter to and quart past times. For this you will need a dice and counters. Enjoy! 


If you would like to practise other number facts such as times tables, doubling and number bonds, then Top Marks have some fantastic games for you to play! 



Can you write a letter to your new teacher (Mrs Cooper for Class 6 and Mrs Gregory for Class 5) telling her some cool and interesting facts about you? Your facts could be about anything you like, such as: 

  • your favourite game to play or hobby
  • your favourite animal/colour/book/T.V programme
  • what subject you like the most
  • what you would like to do when you are older
  • how many siblings you have
  • what you are looking forward to next year
  • a joke 

You can write this letter by hand or type it up, but remember your punctuation, conjunctions and adjectives! You could even include a picture or a photo. 

Topic - The day in the life of a Zambian child

As part of our topic on Zambia, we are learning about what life is like for most Zambian children. 

Watch this clip to find out about Melody's school day in Zambia:


What is the same and what is different compared to your life? 


Now look at the Word Document - it compares the lives of children in the UK and Zambia. 

You could record this timetable in pictures. 


What do you notice that is the same? 

What is different? 

Why do you think this is?