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Welcome back to the Summer Term.


Below you will find the home learning for those children who are unable to be in school. The following websites will still be active for you to continue with any extra learning that you wish to do. 

Oxford Owl


Spelling Shed

My Maths

Weekly Spellings can be found in the Spelling Star.



This week in English we will be looking at the poem 'The Colour Collector' by Roger McGough.

Activity 1

Listen to the poem read by Roger McGough by using the link that can be found in the resources section. Once you have listened to the poem, answer the comprehension questions which can also be found in the resources section.


Activity 2

Practise reading the poem off by heart and try to think of some actions to go with it then perform it to your family.


Activity 3

Plan a few verses using the plan of your own version of the colour catcher. 


Activity 4

Copy out the first verse of the poem and then using your plan, add one or two of you own verses. Copy out the final verse.



This week we are focusing on learning the written methods for multiplying a 2-digit number with a 1-digit number and dividing a 2 digit number by a 1-digit number. The methods that we use can be found on this website in the Calculation Policy.


Lesson 1

We are learning to use related calculations, for example: 3 x 5 = 15 so  3 x 50 = 150.

Please see the resources below.


Lesson 2

In this lesson we use the grid method to firstly partition a two-digit into tens and ones, followed by multiplying it by the one-digit number.

Please see resources below: You can draw your own grids and either copy or make up your own calculations to solve.


Lesson 3

In this lesson we perform the same calculations but learn to use the long written method - learning to always begin by multiplying the ones column first.


Lesson 4/5

We are practising these methods and when confident moving to the short written method with exchanging. Please see resources below.



We are continuing our work on Kandinsky. This week we are going to make a 3D paper collage in the style of Kandinsky pictures using cutting, folding and sticking.



We are continuing to think about the Roman Army, how they successfully invaded Britain and why they enabled the Romans to build such a huge empire. Some resources are below.