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This week's maths will be set via MyMaths with a focus on addition and subtraction.




This week we will be looking at a book called 'Isn't it Great.' This book discusses what is great in the world. Here are a few examples:


Isn't it great...                                Isn't it great...                               Isn't it great...

Curling up under                           Going cross-eyed                        Dragging your feet in

the covers in bed                          in front of the mirror?                   autumn leaves so that

and pretending                                                                                  you can hear them

you are in a ten?                                                                               crackle as you walk?



Ask the children what they think is great in the world and get them to make a list. Once the children have completed the list, ask them to write around ten sentences  using the lay out shown above.




This week in Science we are looking at the muscles that are in a human body.

Show the children the power point attached. Discuss with the children what muscles are voluntary and involuntary. Ask the children to perform an activity such s reading, running etc. Before the activity, ask the children to write down which muscles they think they will use.  Now get the children to do the activity. Children to then write down what muscles they did use.