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17th - 21st January

Weekly Timetable:


Everyday work on your times tables using Times Tables Rock Stars ( and Hit the Button - Quick fire maths practise for 6-11 year olds (


Read your reading book or other books and magazines that you have at home.

You could also read and listen to stories online , for example: Storynory - Audio Stories for Kids




MyMaths (Login in the front of your reading record) task is: Word problems


For the past two weeks in school, we have been learning about the figurine of Capricorn, a Roman object found beneath the earth. Read the fact sheet about the Capricorn to remind you what it is, where it was found and what historians think about it. Make some notes to use tomorrow!


Can you make a shadow puppet and then make up a short play about it?

You could use card, such as an old cereal box.

This you tube clip shows you the science behind a shadow puppet.

Making Shadow Puppets – STEM Activity - YouTube

The next clip is a shadow puppet making tutorial. You can keep your puppets simple shapes or you can develop them adding movement with split pin s, adding colour with coloured cellophane and adding pattern with doilies. 

 Shadow Puppetry Tutorial - YouTube


See resources and read the legend of Romulus and Remus - the birth of Rome.

Follow up by drawing a picture of the famous Roman statue of the wolf and baby twins, or draw a cartoon strip of the story. You might want to write a playscript or act out the story.

Romulus and Remus | KS2 Roman History - YouTube

There are some photos of the statue on this wikipedia page

Capitoline Wolf - Wikipedia


See this week's spellings in our class spelling folder and practice writing them.

(Look, say, cover, write, check).




MyMaths task is: Comparing: How many more?


Today we are going to pretend to be the metal detectorist who found the object. We are going to tell the story of the day you found it. There is a sheet to help guide you, and a story starter to get you going (see Resources).


Write about a family member who is special to you. Draw a picture of you and them together and write about a special memory you have of a time you spent with them.


All about pets. Look at the PowerPoint and complete the activity sheet (see resources).




MyMaths task is: Correspondence


Today we are going to use our imaginations again. We don't actually know who the Capricorn belonged to during Roman times, but we do know some things that might give us clues. Today for English you are going to make a up a short story to imagine how the Capricorn came to be buried in the earth in Somerset. Use the guide sheet to help you.


Last week we learned about the Bible Story of how Moses safely led the Hebrew people out of Egypt where they had been cruelly treated as slaves. God looked after his chosen people.

Today Jewish people thank God for the way that He protected them by celebrating the festival called Passover. Watch the video below to find out how a family prepare for this important festival in the Jewish Calendar.

 What is Passover? | Religious Studies - My Life, My Religion: Judaism - YouTube

Find out about the Seder Plate.

The Seder meal (pt 1/3) - KS2 Religious Education - BBC Bitesize

Can you draw a picture of the Seder plate and label it, explaining what each food symbolises?

Passover Facts For Kids | Passover Seder Plate | DK Find Out

Look in resources for an example of the Seder plate.


PE Videos | thepeshed




MyMaths task is: Bar Multiplication


Look through the PowerPoint about speech marks / inverted commas that we have seen before. You didn't finish this activity in school last week, so please go the part of the activity where you stoppped and complete the rest of the sheet, making up conversations between two people. Remember to start a new line each time the speaker changes.

Handwriting and Spelling

Can you make two lists of words that end in le and el?  For example, parcel and bottle.

Now write them down in a list and use your best handwriting.

Can you practice looking the words up in a dictionary?


CBBC - Ten Pieces - In the Hall of the Mountain King by Edvard Grieg

Listen to this piece of music and respond to it creatively, either making up a dance, drawing a picture, writing a story or making a model.




MyMaths task is Bar Division


Read the information sheet about the figurine of Capricorn. Answer the questions on the second sheet (we did the first part last week). All the answers can be found in the information text, so read it carefully. You may need some help from a grown up.

Outside Fun

Complete the Winter Wonderland Nature Trail Activity (in resources)


See Resources for lesson and activities (Light and the spectrum). Complete the work we started in class last week.