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Hello Year 3!

Here is the home learning for this week. Remember to keep going using TTRockstars and Spelling Shed.




Activity 1

In English this week we will be writing our story based on 'The Magic Brush.' Use the planner in the resources section to help you plan out your story.

You will need to make the following changes:


The animal that Chang rescues

The man in the silver cloak

What Chang draws first

The three poor people that he helps

The emperor


Activity 2

Now you have planned your story, you can start to write it. Make sure you include powerful vocabulary to make your writing more exciting to the reader.


Activity 3

Now that your story is written, is there any changes that you would make to improve it? Use more interesting adjectives? Are all your spelling correct?


Activity 4

Look at the power point on possessive apostrophes and have a go at answering the questions to the quiz.