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Activity 1

Watch these two clips by following these links;

What are amphibians?

Amazing Amphibians

Talk to your grown up about different types of amphibians. Choose one to draw a picture of and write some facts about what makes them an amphibian. Remember to write a sentence with a capital letter, finger spaces and a full stop at the end. Can you make your sentence longer by using the word and.

Activity 2

We are practising using red words in our writing this week. How many sentences can you write using the words he, she, they?

Here are some examples;

He is walking to the park.

She can hop on one foot.

They can see a fox.


Activity 3

Below are some pictures of some animals. Can you write a sentence to describe what they look like or tell us a fact about them.



Activity 1

Draw a ten frame (see Resources Section) on a piece of paper. Then use felt tips or colouring pencils to make  ten counters and colour one side red and one side blue and cut them out.

Place all the counters blue side showing up and make a number sentence. For example. 10 + 0 = 10.

Now turn one of the counters over so it is showing red. Write a number sentence to match this. For example. 9 + 1 = 10.


Keep turning one counter over at a time and write the number sentence. What do you notice about the number sentences you have written?


Activity 2

Using the ten frames and the counters again, complete the stem sentences that can be found in the Resources Section.


Activity 3

Draw a part part whole model (see Resources Section) and in the whole write 12. Use pasta, lego  or anything else who have to use and place all 12 in one or the parts.

Write the number sentence 12 = 12 + 0. Now move one to the other part and write the number sentence that you have now. 12 = 11 + 1. Now repeat and continue until all of the objects are in the other part. 



We are learning how to keep healthy. This week we are focussing on sleep. Ask the following questions.

Why is sleep important?

How does sleep keep us healthy?

Talk about your bedroom routine. What do you do first, next, then etc?

Draw pictures to show what you do for the bedtime routine.



This week we will be exploring ways in which we can use paper to create a piece of art. 

Use strips of paper, any kind will and investigate what folds you could do. Can you do zig zags? can you make a shape? How can you curl your paper? What does the paper look like when you curl it around a pencil? Ruler? Something else?




This week we are continuing to learn about the different classifications of animals and the special features that distinguish them. We are thinking about birds and their distinctive features. Watch this-

What are birds video clip 

And take a look at the information here; 

You can listen to some birds here; 

 Choose a bird that you know like a robin or a sparrow and find out some information about them with your grown up.

Can you draw a lifecycle of one of these birds? Do they build a nest? Do they lay eggs? How do they hatch?

Life cycle of a robin -this is an example of what you could do


INTRODUCTION: Have you ever needed help? Who did you ask to help you? Did you need someone to take you to see them? This story from the Bible tells how four good friends took a paralised man to see Jesus. They did not give up trying to help even when there was a problem.

STORY: Look at the story of Jesus healing the Paralysed man. This extract is from the Miracle Maker video: or you may prefer this version of the story.

TASK: There are so many things to think about in this story. Think about the love in action of the four friends who took the man to Jesus. They were very sure that Jesus would be able to help, and they did not give up helping, even when it became difficult. Are we good friends to others like that? Think about Jesus when they ripped off the roof of the house where he was staying. He was impressed at the love and faith of the four and wanted to help the man. He did not seem to care about the roof, because, to Jesus, people always matter more than things. Is that true of us? Always? The people were shocked when Jesus forgave the man. They believed that only God can forgive people like that. So, Jesus showed them who he really was and healed the sick man - because only God can do miracles like that. What does the story say about who Jesus is? Are we good at forgiving? Do we stay angry or give people another chance?


Have a go at learning this song about forgiving others

VeggieTales Sing-Along: The Forgiveness Song