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Hello Year 3!



Below you will find the home learning for those children who are unable to be in school. The following websites will still be active for you to continue with any extra learning that you wish to do. 

Oxford Owl


Spelling Shed

My Maths

Weekly Spellings can be found in the Spelling Star.




In English this week we are focussing on the story of Little Red Riding Hood. Below are a list of activities that you can complete.


Activity 1

Listen to different versions of Little Red Riding Hood. Links can be found in Children - Video Resource Centre - Year 2 Story Time. The children will need to listen to Little Red Riding Hood then Into the Forest.

 Write down what is the same and what is different about the two stories.


Activity 2

Watch the power point on prepositions. Draw a map of Little Red Riding Hood's journey to Grandma's cottage but make sure you put obstacles in the way! Write instructions on how to get there using a verb, preposition, adjective and noun. For example: Crawl through the spiky bush.


Activity 3

Show both the power points on sentence types. Using the sentence type word document, add the correct punctuation to the sentences. (. ! ?) and write down what sentence type it is (exclamation, statement, question or command).


Activity 4

Read the story of Little Red Riding Hood and answer the comprehension questions.




This week we will be revisiting Number and Place Value and Addition and Subtraction using three digit numbers.

Activity One and Two

Number and Place Value - please see Mymaths Tasks that have been set for you.


Activity Three

Column addition with three digit numbers, including carrying. Please see resource sheet below.


Activity Four

Column subtraction with three digit numbers, including exchanging. Please see resource sheet below.


Activity Five

Addition and Subtraction word problems.



Learning how the Roman Empire expanded across Europe and invaded Britain.



Art based on owls. Try learning to sketch an owl or collage a picture of an owl. Please see resources below.