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This week in maths we are learning about time. We will first recap how to read analogue clocks which show o'clock times and half past. We will then learn about reading quarter past and quarter to times. Below are some activities for you to complete. Have you got a watch or a clock at home so you can practise telling the time? 



In English this week we are making information booklets about the country Zambia. Our booklets will have several sections: 


  • Front cover
  • Contents page
  • Introduction
  • Where is Zambia?
  • What is the land like? 
  • Animals
  • Climate
  • National flag
  • Victoria Falls


Can you make an information booklet of your own by researching facts? Below is a document full of information that you could use too if you like.

Your booklet can have the same sections as above or you could create your own! You can either make your booklet on the computer or write it yourself. Have fun! 

Forest School


This week in Forest School we are doing leaf rubbings. To create a picture, find a leaf and put it under a white piece of paper. Then using a crayon, rub over the top of the paper to make a cool leaf pattern.