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11th - 15th October

Weekly Timetable:



MyMaths (Login in the front of your reading record)

The task is: Number facts and doubles 4

English (with Art and Music skills)

Listen to the music which accompanies the story of In the Hall of the Mountain King. Draw a picture while you listen, to illustrate what the music makes you think of while you are listening. See resources below in word document "week 6 Online Lessons for English".


Follow the link below to be introduced to the topic of planning.

Maps - BBC Bitesize

Have a look on google earth for a birds eye view of where you live.

Activity: Can you draw a plan of your bedroom or another room in your house? Use plan view pretend that you are looking down from above. What will you see?




MyMaths task is: Sums using 10s,100s,1000s.


Listen to James Mayhew reading his story of In the Hall of the Mountain King and think about how the main character might be feeling as the story progresses (see resources below).

Art and Design

Draw an Autumn leaves picture - using Autumn colours. You could use colouring pencils, paint or felt tips. See resources below - images for ideas.




MyMaths task is: Mixed sums of 10s and 100s


Gather descriptive words and phrases to describe a cave. Write some extended sentences for a setting description - describe what it might be like inside a troll cave!


In RE we have been thinking about God's beautiful world and how he asked us to look after it.

Look at our collective worship ppt to set you off with the task.

Can you make a leaflet, showing all the ways that we can do our bit to help to rescue our beautiful world?

Reduce - Recycle - Reuse - Repair




MyMaths task is: Mixed sums over 100.


Remind yourself about the important habit of using full stops and capital letters in the correct place. Use the information and worksheets in the resources below. Ask an adult to help you choose which worksheets suit you best (you do not need to complete them all).


Continue work on sources of light. We didn't complete all the work set last week, so we will be continuing that this week in class. You can revise the lesson from last week and check over your work. If you were not learning from home last week, please look back to last week's resources to complete the tasks set.





MyMaths task is: Mixed sums all numbers.


Reading Comprehension task all about Greta Thunberg (see resources below).


TBC before Friday


RE resources