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Home Learning Week Beginning Monday 1st November 2021




Draw a picture of something you did over half term and then write a sentence to support it.


Maths- Consolidation of ordinal numbers this week.

You will need 10 small pieces of card - about the size of a playing card. On each card write the first ten ordinal numbers. First 1st, second 2nd, third 3rd etc. 



Look around your house and find:

Five things made of plastic 

Five things made of glass - do not pick up, just point.

Five things made of metal

Draw and label one item from each category.


Find a plastic bottle you can recycle, size does not matter. Using glue and any thin paper, tissue if you have it, cover the bottle completely in paper. If you have paper that is coloured that would be good. Once you have covered it leave it to dry.




History and English (two linked sessions)

Watch clips 1 and 2 introducing Guy Fawkes and the story behind The Gunpowder Plot - Clip attached below. 


Draw a picture of Guy Fawkes and label it with his name. Think about the colour of his clothes. Look carefully at the clips to see the muted colours that he would have worn. 



Using the ordinal number cards created yesterday turn them face down so the writing can not be seen. Collect 10 toys and line them up as if they are waiting in a queue. Turn over one of your cards and point to the toy that is in that position in your queue. 





We are learning about using Part Part Whole to solve addition calculations.

Watch clip below which will introduce it to you. 



Draw a picture of a bonfire. Write words around the outside to describe the fire. For example: burning, hot, red



Place a blob of paint onto a piece of paper. Using a straw, blow the paint to create a splatter picture which should resemble a firework. 





Complete the maths worksheet attached using Part Part Whole to support you. You do not  need to print off the worksheet. 


Science / English (2 sessions)

Carry out the experiment 'Fireworks in a jar'. (See below) Write down what happened. You could also draw a picture to show what happened. 




Listen to the piece of music - see link below-  by Handel and create a dance moving like a firework. Think about how fireworks move. 



Draw yourself a Part Part Whole. In the whole, place 7 counters. How many different ways can you split the 7 counters into the two parts? You must use all 7 counters.

Record as an addition calculation eg 3 + 4 = 7

Try again but this time have 10 counters in the whole. 



Draw a picture of your house. Draw the front door and put your house number on it.

Now write the address of where you live.