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Below you will find the home learning for this week. This is for the children who are unable to

come into school. Remember to keep up the good work on TTRockstars and Spelling Shed.



This work we are learning about adverbs of time, plurals and inverted commas.


Activity 1

Adverbs of time tell us when something is happening. For example. Yesterday, I went to the shop. The adverb is yesterday. The power point contains examples of adverbs of time. Use these to write your own sentences based on The Magic Brush story.


Activity 2

 Plurals tell us that there is more than one. Look at the power point which will give you examples of how to change from a singular form to a plural and will also give you rules that need to be applied for certain words. Write sentences changing the singular form to a plural based on The Magic Brush story. For example. Chang painted beautiful butterflies. The emperor wanted more and more boats.


Activity 3

Using the worksheet in the Resources section, add inverted commas around what is being said. Have a go at writing your own speech sentences based on The Magic Brush story. Try to use different speech verbs such as whispered, demanded etc. 






This week we are starting to learn about fractions.


Activity One

We are learning the concept of a whole being one and equal parts within it being fractions.


Activity Two/Three

Recognize and find a half. Know that you find a half by splitting a number or shape into two equal parts.

Understand that the 1is the numerator and the 2 is the denominator in the fraction.


Activity Four/Five

Recognize and find a quarter. Know that a quater is one of four equal parts and you find it by dividing by 4.


Please see the resources below and logon to MyMaths for an activity.



We are learning about Roman Mosaics this week.

Find out abut how and why the Romans made mosaics and what it tells us about Roman life.

Can you design and make a mosaic?